Gary Neville: Anthony Martial’s off-the-ball work drives me crazy

by Marwan Harraz

Gary Neville has claimed Manchester United star Anthony Martial drives him crazy due to the lack of his off-the-ball work.

The Frenchman was instrumental in his side’s 2-1 win over Everton last weekend as he won the penalty that Paul Pogba eventually converted before scoring the second goal of the match.

The weekend before that, Martial managed to grab an incredible brace in the 2-2 draw against Chelsea and must be disappointed with his teammates for failing to hold on to the win.

Neville does praise the former AS Monaco man but does admit he’s confused over the player’s ability off the ball.

Anthony has occasionally gotten stick from United’s fans for his lethargic body language but it’s fair to say no one has been complaining of late.

According to Goal, Gary said on Sky Sports: “There’s never been a player over the last ten years at Manchester United that I have been confused by as much [as Martial].

“I cannot make my mind up. Sometimes I think he is brilliant and other weeks I think that I am not sure he is a Manchester United player.

“What drives me crazy about him is his off-the-ball work. He doesn’t know where to be and where to run at the right times.”

There’s definitely a point to be made by Neville but the question does need to be asked- is it the player’s fault or is it the manager’s lack of coaching?

It could be argued both ways but Jose Mourinho‘s lack of an attacking plan has often infuriated supporters.

The Portuguese manager seems to rely on his attackers creating a moment of brilliance with his only back-up plan being to hoof the ball forwards to Marouane Fellaini.

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