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David Seaman hits out at Paul Pogba’s penalty technique

by Leo Nieboer

Former Arsenal and England keeper David Seaman believes Paul Pogba needs to change his penalty technique after missing against Everton over the weekend.

The Frenchman has adopted a strategy of taking numerous small, padding steps towards the ball in an attempt to see which way the keeper is leaning before sending it the other way.

It has so far worked against Leicester City, Brighton and Young Boys, but proved unsuccessful against Joe Hart for Burnley and recently Jordan Pickford.

Speaking earlier this week, Seaman opined that Pogba needs to adopt a different style of taking penalties.

“It’s weird isn’t it, but for the goalkeepers I just think let him do it,” he said.

“They’re just waiting and waiting, it allows them to make their own mind up and not let the taker make it up for them. When he starts doing that, you know he’s waiting for something from you, he’s waiting for you to move.

“So, just stand there. He gives you enough time to stand there and, like we saw with Jordan [he saved the penalty]. You could even start throwing him some dummies, pretend to go one way and then go the other to put him off.

“A lot of the penalty takers are looking for the goalkeeper’s first step, because if he steps to the right, the taker with shoot left.

“So I used to just wait because nearly all of them, it’d say 98 per cent of the penalty takers, put their head down to hit the ball.

“So I just used to wait, and Pogba’s technique allows you to do that.”

The world will watch a lot closely for the next Manchester United penalty. Will Pogba opt for the same technique, or will he just try to blast it? Will Pogba be on penalty duty at all?

I would personally like to see Pogba refuse to change anything. Keepers will get excited by the run-up and believe they have an increased chance, perhaps even feeling a tint of arrogance, and perhaps amid all of that the Frenchman can take advantage.

Penalties are inherently psychological, and the next one Pogba takes will be especially loaded. To back yourself and your style in that situation would be the hallmark of a true leader on the pitch – a true character. And if he hits the ball sweetly enough, it will go in.

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