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Manchester United’s Fred superior over Nemanja Matic this season

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United star Fred has already proven himself to be superior to Nemanja Matic in many aspects despite feeding on scraps of match-time this season.

The Brazilian was Jose Mourinho‘s only main signing the past summer and although many realise he needs time to adapt, he’s already put in a good shift according to the stats.

Fans have become increasingly frustrated with Matic this campaign with many baffled as to why he’s seemingly undroppable.

The Serbian has appeared to be on a decline for some time now and supporters are becoming more and more confused by Fred‘s absence from the starting XI.

The only way to adapt is to play the midfielder, particularly in consideration of Nemanja’s terrible form of late.

When Fred was signed many fans were trying to figure out what kind of midfielder he was; whether he was a playmaker, destroyer or box to box midfielder.

However, those who have been watching his career from the start insisted was an all-rounder, capable of adapting his game according to the manager he’s playing for.

It’s clear to see from the stats that is true as he’s equally capable of putting in a crucial tackle as he is in creating a chance for his teammates.

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