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Rio Ferdinand: Jose Mourinho’s methods not proactive for Manchester United

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United legend Rio Ferdinand has called on Jose Mourinho to stop publicly criticising his players to help change the atmosphere in the club.

There’s been plenty of negativity this season surrounding Old Trafford and the Portuguese manager’s job is currently under threat.

United are in seventh place with a negative goal difference and are 14 points away from first placed Manchester City.

Ferdinand believes Mourinho has the right to criticise his stars but should do so behind closed doors rather than publicly.

Fans are more concerned with why results haven’t been as good as they’re expected to be this season but many have also complained regarding his constant attacks.

According to The Mirror, Rio said to BT Sport: “When you get comments where he’s hammering four or five of the young players at the club, saying their mentality isn’t right, what do you expect?

“Do you expect to have players on your side or do you expect your players to go ‘hold on a minute, my manager is hammering me in public again’?

“I just don’t think it’s right for a football manager to be doing that. I don’t think you’re going to get productivity out of those kind of comments. I don’t think it’s proactive for the club.

“What he’s said might be true. He’s behind closed doors, he sees these boys day in, day out.

“He might look at those four or five kids and go ‘you know what, this is exactly how I feel about you’. He’s got that right to say that.

“But I think behind closed doors, in the changing room, embarrass them in front of the team.

“You don’t get positivity doing that publicly and the fans don’t like that either.”

Jose’s man-management has left many supporters questioning his methods so it’s no surprise even Ferdinand is criticising it.

The former Chelsea manager however may feel as though his methods are correct given how he’s gotten positive responses from players he’s publicly attacked such as Anthony Martial, Luke Shaw and lately Victor Lindelof.

On the other hand it’s also failed to bring out the best from the likes of Paul Pogba, Alexis Sanchez and perhaps even Marcus Rashford.

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