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Jose Mourinho gave Manchester United stars ‘a right rollicking’: report

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho reportedly gave his stars ‘a right rollicking’ BEFORE the clash against Southampton.

Many fans were left confused by the club’s incredible poor start after they found themselves 2-0 down within 20 minutes to the relegation candidates.

However it’s been said the Portuguese manager told his players off even before a ball was kicked, leaving supporters even more baffled than they were before.

The confusion lays with the question why the much needed meeting didn’t work and whether Mourinho did more damage than good in doing such a thing in the first place.

It was also claimed afterwards that the former Chelsea boss even accused Paul Pogba of being a virus and disrespecting the fans and his teammates.

According to Football 365, The Mail on Sunday report that Jose gave his players ‘a right rollicking’ in a meeting at the team hotel before the clash and accused them of ‘falling standards’.

The enraged manager also claimed he was ‘perplexed’ by their actions and has ‘held an inquest with his coaching staff’ while he is ‘struggling to keep harmony in the group’.

The article continues saying ‘many also opted to miss breakfast only turning up for the pre-match meal. Mourinho is now considering making their pre-match routine more regimented as he tries to elicit a better response from his squad.’

What’s more worrying than the clearly fractured relationship Mourinho has with his players is how these types of stories are consistently leaked out to the press.

It doesn’t seem as though anything can happen in the United dressing room without fans finding out about it the next day.

Supporters would obviously be hoping the reports aren’t true but if they are then things are far worse for Jose than it appears.

If the boss has lost the dressing room then he’s certainly a dead man walking.

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