Telegraph: Manchester United not making plans for January transfer window

by Leo Nieboer

A source close to Jose Mourinho has revealed that no plans are in place to buy or sell players over the January transfer window, according to the Telegraph.

The 55-year-old has expressed disappointment with the Manchester United board for refusing to add another central defender to his squad over the summer.

It was notable that Ed Woodward – who has attended most home and away games – did not travel to Valencia for the club’s final Champions League group game, which ended 2-1 to the Spanish side.

And according to a source close to Mourinho, via the Telegraph, there are no plans whatsoever to bring in players next month.

If Man United were in no position to spend big in the summer, the idea of splashing out in January – a notoriously difficult time to acquire players – is simply nonsensical.

The time to strengthen this squad and back Mourinho was before the season started. Doing it now, at a time when United are only stagnating under the Portuguese and heading for a new manager – a new vision – next season, would be, if anything, a massive waste of everybody’s time.

Perhaps the club should focus on bringing in a manager who can get more out of the current group, which is by no means short of talent.

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