Video: Sir Alex Ferguson caught displaying his disappointment in loss to Liverpool

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United legend Sir Alex Ferguson has been caught on camera displaying his disappointment during the 3-1 loss to Liverpool on Sunday.

The Scotsman couldn’t hide his disgust with the football on display by Jose Mourinho‘s men with fans also agreeing with him.

Many criticised the Portuguese manager’s decision to play defensively with a back five and to drop main man Paul Pogba from the starting XI.

Sir Alex was in the stands at Anfield and perhaps he would’ve felt as though he could’ve gotten more out of this side than Mourinho.

United have struggled to move on since the club legend retired and their weaknesses have never been more on display than now.

The way the Red Devils’ have been run has seen plenty of reports suggest a director of football will be hired to help organise matters more efficiently.

The club’s scouting system has been heavily criticised as they’ve overspent on bringing players in and have lost players for cheap.

Manchester United’s signing’s since Ferguson’s retirement have also been hit and miss with many pointing to a lack of structure.

Unfortunately it appears as though Jose won’t be around long enough to sort things out, particularly after the loss to Liverpool.

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