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Jamie Carragher admits he was wrong about Paul Pogba following Chelsea performance

by Leo Nieboer

Jamie Carragher admitted on social media that he was wrong about some of his criticism of Paul Pogba earlier this season following the Frenchman’s superb performance at Stamford Bridge on Monday night.

Pogba’s ongoing feud with predecessor Jose Mourinho led to many, even ardent Manchester United supporters, demanding the Frenchman leave the club.

His performance during the 2-0 win over Chelsea, however, was a perfect microcosm of the new lease of life handed to him by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer: one superb cross for Ander Herrera‘s goal, one thumping header of his own to kill the game.

Scott Patterson, editor of Republik of Mancunia, took the opportunity to call out Carragher after the game, and the former Liverpool man – to his credit – responded.


Most of us imagined Pogba would improve in some sense after the cloud of Mourinho was removed from over his head. Those who did not believe this fact, like Carragher, had fallen victim to the mind-games of Man United’s former manager, who managed to convince a good deal of people that this squad was not very good, or at least not good enough.

But most of us, you would hope, thought a response from Pogba was coming. Very few, though, would have imagined it like this: nine goals and six assists in just 12 games under Solskjaer.

Only the most cynical individual could not be astounded by the 25-year-old’s brilliance over the last two months.

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