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Jose Mourinho: Impossible to win without good relationships with players

by Marwan Harraz

Former Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho has broken his silence on what happened between himself and the players, claiming it’s impossible to win without having a good relationship with them.

Current caretaker manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has been praised throughout the media for his positive bonds with the current crop of stars as he continues his unbeaten streak in the Premier League.

Meanwhile it was reported that Mourinho lost his job not only for his poor performance this season but also due to his poor relationship with the players.

Some sections of the media even claimed the players were consulted before the Portuguese manager was sacked.

Paul Pogba‘s relationship in particular was said to be the most decisive one with the board keen on keeping him and the rest of the group happy.

According to Goal, Jose said: “If you tell me that in the past season that I had some problems … I don’t want to speak about [that] for obvious reasons.

“I will not deny to you that some factors had an influence in that the last period was not a good one. It’s impossible to win trophies without a good relationship with players.

“What you need sometimes is to accelerate some process, what you need to be is to be a club man and sometimes to be a club man you need to forget yourself a little bit.

“I think I always did it, sometimes for the good of the immediate needs of the club and group.

“I put myself in situations that in the eyes of people from the outside are not the best position, but I don’t regret that at all because I always give my all for the club.”

There were certainly plenty of times when Mourinho said outrageous things to the media post-match so the focus would be on him rather than his players but it doesn’t pain the complete picture.

United fans in particular are quite sick of hearing about how the former Chelsea boss was such a sacrificer and being constantly reminded about his past triumphs.

There’s also no doubt that the board’s disorganised mess wasn’t helpful to Jose but it also wasn’t the sole reason for his failures.

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