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Manchester United to lose Ander Herrera to PSG: report

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United are reportedly close to losing Ander Herrera to PSG in a transfer that will surely infuriate supporters.

The Spaniard is a huge fan-favourite and losing him to the French champions, particularly for free, would be poor business.

Herrera is amongst numerous United stars who have been allowed to reach the last year of their contract despite interest from other top clubs.

Juan Mata and Antonio Valencia are other examples but fans are more concerned with the former Atletico Bilbao man moving on.

Ander has been in outstanding form under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, proving himself to be a key part of the club’s future.


There’s no doubt PSG can offer Herrera high wages if they wanted to but the figure reported isn’t exactly out of Manchester United’s wage budget.

There have been reports claiming Alexis Sanchez’s incredible salary has caused an imbalance in the squad as they all want a pay rise.

The United board have responded by strong-arming the players and almost forcing the likes of Phil Jones to agree to lesser wages than intended.

However, that won’t work with everyone, particularly since the board have incompetently allowed their deals to get close to expiry.

A player of Ander’s quality can find another club quite easily and so threatening him with letting him go won’t work, particularly if the other club is PSG who are willing to match his wages.

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