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Edwin Van der Sar: Maybe one day I will return

by Marwan Harraz

Former Manchester United star Edwin Van der Sar has teased fans with a potential return to the club after rumours emerged of him being a candidate for the director of football role.

Executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward has made it clear the club are working on finding a suitable professional to fulfil the role and it’s no surprise too see the Dutchman linked to the position.

Van der Sar clearly knows United through and through and while he isn’t a director of football with Ajax, he’s had some role in their recent success.

The Eredivisie side conquered Champions League champions Real Madrid just weeks ago in what is considered to be one of the victories of the season.

Other candidates are being considered but supporters are always happy to see one of their own return with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer evidence of that.

According to Manchester Evening News, Edwin said: “I know United is a much bigger challenge than Ajax.

“United is not just a big and famous club, but also a worldwide brand — yet when you’re inside it’s still a family place.

“I remember when I came from Fulham. Oh it’s United… but after one day you felt at home. The washing ladies. Mike the chef. Kath [the receptionist]. They’re still there.

“You need to cherish that and Ole [Gunnar Solskjaer] is doing a great job at it. But also Ed [Woodward].

“I have utmost respect for him, what he does for the club. So I don’t need to be the big man.

“I want to feel I contribute, and you can only do it for something you believe in. United is a special place.

“Who knows, eventually? But for the coming years I’m here.”

It seems for now Woodward is better off considering other professionals for the time being.

It was initially believed that a manager and director of football would be hired at the same time but Solskjaer’s success wasn’t foreseen at the time.

The Norwegian practically forced Ed’s hand in hiring him and so now it may be a while before a director of football is brought in.

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