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Fred shines during poor Manchester United display against West Ham United

by Leo Nieboer

Fred produced another imperious display in the middle during Manchester United’s fortunate 2-1 win over West Ham United in the Premier League.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer‘s team, which included five changes from Wednesday’s defeat to Barcelona, performed disjointedly and unconvincingly, relying on two penalties from Paul Pogba to win the game.

But the tenacity and efficiency of Fred in midfield, to go with a complete display during the week, served as one of the few positives from an underwhelming performance.

His numbers from the game tell the story of a crucial display in the middle for Man United.

Up until the last two games, an element of uncertainty lingered around Fred – at least to me. Technically and stylistically, the Brazilian is obviously quite good. But it remained uncertain whether he had the ferocity and mettle, combined with a fast football brain, to have a tangible effect on Premier League games.

He has quelled those doubts emphatically. What stood out over the past two contests at Old Trafford, more than anything, was the strength Fred displayed. Strong in the tackle. Strong with his pressing. Strong in the mind.

It was, at times, reminiscent of N’Golo Kante at his best: a big, sweeping physical midfield performance delivered by a small individual, giving the whole thing a feeling of laser-guided menace.

On a day when United players did not show their best, Fred looks to be getting stronger with each game.

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