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Gary Neville: Paul Pogba must end transfer speculation

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United legend Gary Neville has called on Paul Pogba to end speculation over his future, believing the transfer rumours have distracted him in recent matches.

The Frenchman is currently enjoying his statistically best season in his career but it’s unfortunately come at a time there’s so much upheaval at the club.

Not only has Pogba had to endure the Jose Mourinho era but his teammates now appear to be on a downhill under new manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

The former Juventus man was initially inspiring under the Norwegian himself but his own dip in form has coincided with United’s.

Neville believes the speculation over his future is a key reason and so has called on him to make it clear what his wishes are.

According to the Sun, Gary said: “What Paul Pogba has to decide is give the club clarity on whether he wants to be that player that will get Manchester United back to the top again, because he has the capability, he has the ability to do it.

“He’s the one player in the squad that I would say actually is world class. I do believe he can play on the world stage.

“I don’t think he played very well against Barcelona or against Paris Saint-Germain in the first game, but he looks distracted a little bit.

“His agent is always hinting about getting away, the rumours of Barcelona and Real Madrid are there, they’re real. He needs to give the club clarity.

“The club need clarity whether Paul Pogba is going to carry Manchester United through this difficult period with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer in this next three years and be at the forefront of it, or whether he’s going to jump ship, go somewhere else.

“There’s no problem with that. Do it quickly Paul so the club can move on.”

David de Gea is another who seems to be struggling with his future and it’s reflected in his performances this season.

Despite some incredible saves, the Spaniard has looked human with rival fans thoroughly enjoying his dip in form.

In fact, the last time De Gea’s future was up in the air he was dropped from the starting XI until it was resolved.

Unfortunately Manchester United cannot afford to go without the goalkeeper or Pogba, especially with Manchester City and Chelsea lurking in the horizon.

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