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Dimitar Berbatov reveals why Anthony Martial hasn’t reached his potential

by Marwan Harraz

Former Manchester United star Dimitar Berbatov has explained why he believes Anthony Martial hasn’t reached his potential.

The Frenchman can be an outstanding player on his day but fans have started to become frustrated by his inconsistency.

Under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, the winger hasn’t been at his best, even at the start of his manager’s reign.

Berbatov believes Martial just needs a little guidance to reach the level everyone thought he could reach.

Before being fired Jose Mourinho complimented the youngster, claiming he’s now gone from a good player to a great one.

According to Metro, Dimitar said: “He’s a quiet guy. He’s like me, he keeps to himself. That’s not a bad thing.

“He has not reached the level yet where I think he can be. The first training session at Monaco I was going: ‘What the f**k?!’

“As a football player you can see straight away. You recognise straight away and this guy he had something.

“He needs someone to say: ‘listen this is not the right way, over there is the right way if you want to be the best'”

Gary Neville didn’t go down the mentality road and instead focussed on Anthony’s lack of runs that has slowed down his output.

The former AS Monaco man loves the ball at his feet, preferring to take on his man rather than making runs in behind him.

Neville felt if Martial makes more runs in behind his opponents, his goalscoring record would improve which could prove true given his ridiculously clinical nature.

The 23 year old is one of Manchester United’s best finishers and there’s no doubt if he works a little harder on the pitch, he’ll be earning his stripes and not playing second fiddle to whoever Solskjaer plays instead.

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