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Gary Neville: Manchester United’s structure is a shambles

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United legend Gary Neville has torn into his former club’s structure, finally satisfying fans’ calls for him to address the main issue at Old Trafford.

The former right-back has consistently and rightfully criticised the current crop of players but supporters were unhappy with how he never took the club’s hierarchy head on.

United are currently enduring an identity crisis after failing to qualify for the Champions League once more.

Despite Ole Gunnar Solskjaer‘s best efforts, his side have fallen just short and Neville is convinced the failures are not just on the pitch.

Since Sir Alex Ferguson‘s retirement, the Red Devils have struggled to maintain the high standards that once saw them compete with the best in Europe.

According to Metro, Gary said: “How can it be that four players that have never been businessmen, never been sporting directors, are put forward for this difficult role at the biggest club in the world? It’s a shambles.

“The first thing they have to do is cleanse the dressing room. Cleanse the club. That’s from the top to the bottom. They need someone to run the football side of the club.

“I think they should shift the people who are in charge of the club at this moment in time back into the business side of the club, back down to London.

“I think they should put a new football department in charge who are the best in class – not have played at the club, football operators, and underneath that then put the technical people, then the manager will find it a lot easier.

“Ed Woodward has had seven years now at this, so I think he’s had his chance at running the football side of the club..

“There is a cultural problem at the football club. Who’s signing the players this summer? Every other football club in the country I can tell you who’s in charge of signings, I haven’t got a clue at Manchester United.

“They’ve still got Sir Alex’s chief scout, they’ve got Louis Van Gaal’s scout there, they’ve still got David Moyes’ chief football operator.

“You’ve got a head coach who has an opinion, you’ve got a CEO who has an opinion, who’s in charge? who has the final say?”

It’s clear big changes are needed at Old Trafford and it’s good to see that the attention isn’t solely focussed on the manager or the players.

Seven years of limited success after Sir Alex has rightfully turned the public’s eye towards those truly in charge of the club.

Though many fans have been discussing the Manchester United hierarchy for years now, it was important someone with the profile and audience of Neville to make this crucial statement.

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