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Manchester United fans shocked by Darren Fletcher’s potential return

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United fans couldn’t hide their shock over the news that surfaced claiming Darren Fletcher was being considered for the club’s technical director role.

Supporters feel the position is arguably more important than the manager’s given the lack of real structure at Old Trafford.

United’s board have consistently failed to make good footballing decisions and so the need for a director of football was glaringly apparent.

Fletcher being linked with the job was a surprise given his lack of experience in such a position.

Fans love their former player deeply but simply feel a top professional is more needed than an ex-player.

Proof that it isn’t Darren who the fans are attacking is in how they reacted when Rio Ferdinand was linked with the position as well.

Even the average supporter has acknowledged how making a decision as important as this based on who has featured for the club is poor decision making.

Whoever is eventually brought in will be Manchester United’s first ever technical director and as such it’s even more crucial to make the right call.

Fans were completely fine with the Edwin van der Sar links because he has been working in a similar role with Ajax and so it makes sense they would feel distraught over Fletcher’s possible return.

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