Telegraph: Matthijs de Ligt to make decision over Manchester United move in coming days

by Leo Nieboer

There is a feeling in Holland that moving to Manchester United serves as a better option for Ajax captain Matthijs de Ligt, according to the Telegraph.

A series of conflicting reports have come out regarding De Ligt, with agent Mino Raiola stoking up uncertainty as a means of adding extra value to the transfer. 

A source from Man United reportedly claimed last week that the club expected De Ligt to join Barcelona. On the other side in Spain, reports have suggested a deadlock in negotiations between the Catalans and the De Ligt camp. There is no clear idea on what is really going on.

According to the Telegraph‘s Luke Edwards, who reported earlier this month that De Ligt was open to an Old Trafford move, the idea of figuring at the centre of the club’s rebuild appeals to the 19-year-old, who was given a similar role ahead of the beginning of Ajax’s resurgence two years ago.

If De Ligt’s main ambition really is to play a central, leading role at a club going through a rebuild process, then United find themselves in the driving seat. His latest quotes certainly nod towards this being his primary motivation.

“I’m very excited for what could be coming in the near future,” he said to Dutch media. “But I’m calm too. I see it as a challenge, that’s the most important thing. There are various options, what I’m doing is looking for the best option.”

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