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Gary Neville insists Manchester United don’t need to keep any unsettled players

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United legend Gary Neville has explained why the club can or should sell the likes of Paul Pogba, if he wishes to depart.

The Frenchman has publicly admitted to a desire for a new challenge and with Real Madrid as well as Juventus sniffing around, he is expected to leave.

The midfielder has left fans with mixed feelings as some believe a player of his quality can’t be allowed to leave while others feel no one should be kept against their will.

Neville appears to be in the party of the latter but it’ll be more interesting to see what Ole Gunnar Solskjaer thinks.

Some reports have claimed the Norwegian won’t sell at all while others stated he will let Pogba go to raise funds for other investments.

According to the Express, Gary said: “They don’t have to keep any player. Manchester United are a better team when Paul Pogba plays but if players don’t want to be at the club – that doesn’t mean Pogba, he may want to be at the club – you have to get everybody onside and aligned with where you’re going.

“Ultimately, that’s the first thing Ole had to do – to work out who was going to be ready for the club moving forward.

“I’m still unsure on many players. I see the speculation on Sky Sports News and online and it looks like it could be moving all the time.

“You’ve got to get players in before you let them go because being armed with the money makes you vulnerable.”

Neville has potentially explained why the Red Devils’ lack of transfer activity isn’t only about incomings but outgoings too.

The only two players to depart this summer were Ander Herrera and Antonio Valencia and that was only because their contracts expired.

The latter’s age has caught up with him while the former couldn’t agree to a new contract after extended negotiations.

It is clear however that Gary is obviously right and the only way to ensure the United dressing room is no longer divided is to ensure everyone who is there, wants to be there.

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