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Manchester United fans would prefer Harry Maguire signing over Paulo Dybala swap deal

by Leo Nieboer

Manchester United fans would generally prefer the club to focus on landing the signature of Harry Maguire this summer as opposed to striking a swap deal with Juventus to sign Paulo Dybala.

Reliable journalist Fabrizio Romano revealed on Friday night that Juventus, with Inter Milan struggling to meet United’s valuation for Romelu Lukaku, would be open to striking a swap deal involving Dybala and the Belgian forward.

It is understood that United’s pursuit of a midfielder has been placed on the backburner as the club works on selling Lukaku and signing Maguire. But with only 11 days until the transfer window closes, Ed Woodward might have to make a decision: plump for Maguire or attempt an ambitious swap move with the Old Lady?

With this seeming like a genuine possibility, we decided to put the question to the good people of Twitter.


There were, it must be said, a lot of responses of the type as seen below. “We want both! We should be able to get both!” I hear you cry. Firstly, for a club as dysfunctional and structurally backward as United (especially when it comes to fighting for top players), why do some of you still think United can complete both of these deals in less than a fortnight? They absolutely won’t. Remember how they spent all of last summer failing to sign one central defender? And secondly, I did not ask this question! The whole point was to outline two options and ask supporters to opt for one. Okay, moving on.


While there are many who loved the idea of letting go of Lukaku and bringing in “La Joya”, the overwhelming tide was in favour of doing what United, above all else, really cannot avoid: signing a quality centre back.

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