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Manchester United ecstatic after Harry Maguire completes £80m transfer

by Leo Nieboer

Manchester United have reacted with almost unanimous joy after major media outlets confirmed that an agreement had been reached for the transfer of Harry Maguire.

The Telegraph confirmed on Friday afternoon that Man United and Leicester City had agreed on an £80m fee to be paid upfront along with add-ons.

Such a fee eclipses the £75m spent on Virgil van Dijk by Liverpool, making Maguire the most expensive defender of all time.

But United fans, reacting to the news, were not concerned by the transfer fee.


United fans mocked Liverpool for splashing out £75m – an inconceivably large amount of money even when it isn’t stripped of context – on a Southampton defender last year, but the former has been forced to eat their words.

Not because their club has now done the same. No, United fans should eat their words because they thought that Liverpool’s acquisition of Van Dijk was foolhardy, misguided, an expensive mistake.

Just over 18 months later and it has become clear that spending that £75m was a necessary dose of poison required for Jurgen Klopp to elevate his players to the next level, to take them from flitting in between good and bad to a kind of consistency befitting of champions.

United fans are not angry because their club, finally, has recognised the need to do the same.

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