Revealed: Four Manchester United players who are faster than Daniel James

by Leo Nieboer

Daniel James may be Manchester United’s ‘Player of the Month’ but he is not, contrary to popular belief, the club’s fastest player.

In fact, the rapid Welshman, whose sheer pace starkly contrasted with his teammates at Southampton, does not even make it into the top four.

Recent speed tests actually rank 16-year-old youngster Deji Sotana, who hit a top speed of 22.9mph, at the top of the list. The teenager was crowned Ireland’s under-14 national sprint champion at the age of 12 – an clear indication that this guy has Wheels™.

Coming in second was Diogo Dalot, who, if you remember, topped the first-team speed chart which Romelu Lukaku, for whatever reason, decided to leak on Twitter.

Slightly further back are Tahith Chong, a visibly ferocious runner, and Marcus Rashford, with the pair getting a very similar score despite Rashford never looking like he’s hitting full tilt when he runs.

And only then do we have James, who may be fifth when it came to top speed but would probably rival Sotana when it comes to acceleration over a short distance. That ability, as opposed to raw speed itself, is probably more useful for a manager looking to do some statistical analysis.

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