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Roy Keane encourages Marcus Rashford to learn from Raheem Sterling

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United legend Roy Keane has encouraged Marcus Rashford to learn from England teammate Raheem Sterling.

The Manchester City man also primarily plays from the flanks but under Pep Guardiola’s tutelage he’s turned into more than the traditional winger and more into a sensational goalscorer.

Rashford has managed to grab two goals and an assist in four matches so far for United yet he’s already faced a host of criticism.

Perhaps it’s due to a feeling that the academy product could still do more but there are probably other reasons as well.

Rashford’s decision to sit out on a penalty that ended up being missed by Paul Pogba didn’t go down well with fans and his unusually poor performance against Southampton didn’t help.

According to the Mirror, Keane said: “We said before the game he’s [Sterling] affecting games over the last couple of years.

“We spoke about Rashford, Rashford, sometimes the best example for any player is one of their team-mates.

“Rashford can learn so much from Sterling, whether training with him or watching him at close quarters.

“That’s a great lesson and hopefully he is picking up them tips that we did see in the second half.”

There has been a recent opinion surfacing that Rashford isn’t a great goalscorer with even reports emerging stating Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is frustrated with his forwards’ inability to score scrappy goals.

These reports claimed the legendary Norwegian has asked the young Englishman to learn from Cristiano Ronaldo’s unreal ability to pop up in the box at the right place, at the right time.

Rashford’s pace and dazzling dribbling means he often scores pretty good goals but in terms of attacking the six yard box and netting ‘poacher’ efforts, there could be work done to improve his statistics.

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