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Romelu Lukaku opens up about being overweight at Manchester United

by Leo Nieboer

Romelu Lukaku has revealed that he arrived at Inter Milan ten pounds overweight due to a problem with his digestion.

The Belgian completed a £72m move to Inter on deadline day having fallen out of favour under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer at Manchester United.

Lukaku admitted following the 2018 World Cup that he had returned to United above his ideal weight due to an attempt to bulk up for the finals in Russia.

More recently, the striker has spoken of how a problem regarding his digestion meant that he arrived at Inter overweight.

“Normally I have a fine digestive system,” he said. “I digest everything very quickly. That’s how it had been my entire life. But what the nutritionist said to me was, it had stopped working.”

In response, Lukaku has been put on a diet involving fish, sweet potatoes, shiitake pasta, and cooked and raw vegetables, which has brought him back to an ideal weight.

There were always individuals who pointed at Lukaku’s weight as a reason behind his decline in form. Certainly, there was something leaner and more ferocious about the 26-year-old when he first joined, compared to when he put more muscle on towards the end of his career.

But the problem with Lukaku was always broader than that. Outside the box, he was not good enough; in terms of Solskjaer’s tactical blueprint, he did not quite fit; in terms of general feeling… well, it stopped feeling right.

All of those things count for a lot more than the man’s BMI.

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