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Manchester United best pressing ‘big six’ team in the league

by Marwan Harraz

Despite Manchester United’s struggles this season, they are currently the best pressing team out of the traditional big six sides.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has clearly had an effect on his players after getting his first pre-season under his belt successfully.

The legendary Norwegian has previously discussed publicly his love for pressing, even selecting certain players, like Jesse Lingard, almost purely due to their ability to press.

United were previously a side who didn’t necessarily work hard off the ball during Jose Mourinho‘s management, much to the disgust of many fans.

However, the below statistic is clear evidence of Solskjaer’s effect and hopefully it will lead to trophies in the long run.

It’s rather surprising given how well known Liverpool and Manchester City are for their pressing and how their teams have been doing it for several seasons now.

United have only had a pre-season to prepare for Solskjaer’s demands and it’s clear they’re already reaping the benefits.

Pressing well and putting opponents under pressure also helps to mask the squad’s defensive issues though a good passing team can play their way out of the press.

Nonetheless, it’s the way fans want to see the Red Devils play and Solskjaer is also keen to improve on that front even more.

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