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Video: Marcos Rojo responds to hilarious rabona attempt vs. Astana

by Leo Nieboer

Marcos Rojo has seen the funny side of his incredible failed rabona attempt during Manchester United’s 1-0 win over Astana in the Europa League.

The Argentine received his first start of the season at left-back against the Kazakhstani side and commenced the game in classic fashion, scuffing two crosses which ended up being dangerous ones, with Marcus Rashford almost touching the ball home from one of them.

In the second-half, with the nerves starting to jangle, the clock ticking and the scoreline still goalless, Rojo did this.

Thankfully, Rojo has (I hope through personally asking the stats team repeatedly this morning) located some footage of a training session in which one of his rabonas comes off perfectly, with the caption: “This was the idea”.


I cannot stress how much I adore this man. Forget footballing ability for a second. We are seeing somebody who simply does not care, who lives without the fear of death. This is a man who, with all those teammates in the box (a good cross here could have resulted in a goal), Stretford End baying for a goal, genuinely thinks: “RIGHT, WATCH THIS!”

In a way, I think we’d all be a bit happier if we adopted the Rojo mentality.

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