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Scott McTominay produces impressive senior performance against Arsenal

by Leo Nieboer

Scott McTominay once again played a senior role in yet another immature display from Manchester United against Arsenal.

Following a frantic and truly painful 40 minutes, it was the young Scot who took a touch and fired a powerful, pinpoint strike into the top corner.

And as Man United pushed for another goal in the second half to no avail, McTominay can be viewed as one of the few to truly take the aggression to Arsenal on a consistent basis.

McTominay’s numbers from the game tell the story of what was another mature display in a big game.

There is a lot of talk about the usefulness of heart, of whether pumping your chest and really sticking your boot in it really actually changes anything at this level.

In games between the likes of Manchester City or Liverpool, you get the impression that the fizzing attacking patterns and perfect touches somehow transcend whatever ‘heart’ is.

But when you have a game like this, when banter meets banter, players like McTominay – bustling, totally up for it, snarling, seemingly without any care for his own personal health – really do come to the fore.

United fans might not like McTominay. They might not think he is United quality. But he is. He is the talisman that this club deserves at the moment.

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