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Glazer family ‘more involved with Manchester United than most think’ – report

by Leo Nieboer

An agent close to Manchester United has claimed that the Glazer family are more involved with the decision-making process at Old Trafford than many might think.

The Florida-based Glazer family became primary shareholders at United in 2005 through a debt-loading takeover which essentially placed their money in bonds attached to the club.

Those bonds are said to have yielded around £1bn in royalties for the family, who are perceived universally as fat cats with no interest in football whose bank balance has grown whilst the infrastructure of the club – from players to scouting to brand image – has gone in the other direction.

However, according to the highly reliable David Ornstein of The Athletic, the Glazers have a greater role than we think and are happy with the set-up whereby Ed Woodward receives most of the blame.

A perfect parallel: Donald Trump.

Woodward, just like Trump, is the public figure of hatred, the lightning rod, who willingly fulfills this role in order to keep attention away from the actual cogs of hard power which operate behind closed doors, answerable to nobody because, well, nobody really knows about them – or they just do not care.

The Glazers have it set up nicely: run the club on a business-first mindset, take a large sum of the profits, blame failures on the pitch on a marketing man who knows nothing about football because he makes the decisions, and repeat.

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