Reports on Kevin Glazer selling Manchester United shares are false

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United fans have been given clarification on part-owner Kevin Glazer’s position on selling the club.

Most supporters probably would’ve been full of glee should their American owners have finally decided to sell as many believe they’re responsible for the decline since Sir Alex Ferguson‘s retirement.

In fact, many believe the Scottish legend would’ve won a host more of trophies had he not had one of his hands tied behind his back by the incompetent board.

News arose of one of the Glazer family’s members deciding to sell his shares but unfortunately that has been dismissed as a false report.

With the Red Devils feeling the heat off the pitch as well as on it, it’s unlikely anyone would be interested in purchasing just yet.

According to Sky Sports, Kevin Glazer is not looking to sell his Manchester United shares contrary to earlier reports that thought documents submitted to the New York Stock Exchange on Friday meant he was.

It turns out those documents were to clarify a matter rather than be a sign that a part of the club would be sold.

Even if the Glazer family did decide to sell in the future, it’s likely they would do so in unison rather than one by one.

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