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Manchester United woeful at holding onto leads this season

by Marwan Harraz

There are certainly a lot of problems at Manchester United at the moment and for many fans it’s difficult to pinpoint one that takes precedent over others.

For the most part, many feel Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has sorted out the club’s defence and it’s actually their attack that’s experiencing problems at the moment.

That’s definitely reflected in the fact United have only scored more than one goal once this season which was actually their opening day win against Chelsea.

Solskjaer’s men have otherwise performed so poorly that they currently sit in 12th with the risk of losing to Liverpool potentially pushing them down into the relegation zone.

However, not only have the Red Devils been toothless, there’s also evidence that when they finally have scored, they were unable to hold onto their lead.

While some of the mess can be explained by there being two new members introduced into the back four so a gelling period was always expected but it’s not the whole story.

Clearly it’s also a mentality issue with players either weak or complacent once getting a rare lead.

Either reason is unacceptable either way so it’s something Solskjaer has to stamp out at the earliest opportunity.

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