Manchester United stars incapable of showing basic technique vs Partizan

by Marwan Harraz

The majority of Manchester United’s stars were incredibly poor against Partizan despite scraping through thanks to a penalty.

The 1-0 scoreline almost flattered Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s men who failed to do even the basics correctly in a lower key match in comparison to last weekend’s clash against Liverpool.

Fans were hoping United could put in an equally good performance but there were horribly let down by their players.

In truth, on paper Solskjaer’s stars should’ve eased past Partizan with no trouble but the scoreline could’ve been a different story entirely very easily.

Losing possession is bad enough but losing possession due to a poor first touch is more or less unacceptable and the Red Devils did so an incredible amount of times.

Poor coaching or poor quality? You decide but it’s definitely a shocking statistic that should never be registered by Manchester United, particularly against ‘lesser’ opposition.

Fans have noticed their players’ inability to hold onto the ball in general but if they can’t even get the basics right then what hope is there?

It’s strange to see how poor United are when pressed given they’re a pressing team themselves and so should be used to it from training sessions.

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