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Have Manchester United supporters already lost faith in Fred?

by Leo Nieboer

On paper, Fred was one of Manchester United’s better players during the 1-0 defeat at the hands of Bournemouth on Saturday.

The Brazilian created three chances, including one that led to Mason Greenwood hitting the post, as Man United lost their fourth game of the season.

However, there remains a strong feeling of discontent towards Fred, whose performances since August 2018 have failed to give supporters a lot of hope.

While the below does not reflect the overall feeling among supporters, there was a deep level of anger towards a player whose ceiling does not seem to be very high.

Indeed, even on a good day, Fred looks uncomfortable, gasping for air. Somebody once said that a bad leader reacts to things while a good leader leads, and while this applies more to international politics and business, it does kind of apply when explaining the frustration towards the 26-year-old.

When you fail to show a level of intrinsic talent – illustrate that ‘he’s got a bit about him’, that ‘he’s made of the right stuff’ – over a prolonged period of time, supporters begin to believe that what they are seeing is all that there is.

You cannot help but worry that this view is forming when it comes to Fred.

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