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Julian Nagelsmann insists Timo Werner can be sold under one condition

by Marwan Harraz

RB Leipzig boss Julian Nagelsmann has insisted he won’t stand in Timo Werner’s way should the day to a transfer arrive with Manchester United believed to be keen on him.

The need for depth in Ole Gunnar Solskjaer‘s attack is obvious and so it’s no surprise to see them linked with multiple players across Europe.

A transfer for Werner was believed to be near impossible and even if it were to be, it was suggested he’d only move to Liverpool.

Luckily that no longer seems to be the case and so United could push for a transfer to happen if Solskjaer is indeed interested in him.

There are of course question marks over signing Werner though and so any move should be carefully considered.

According to the Mirror, Nagelsmann said: “I’ve already advised many players to take off their wedding ring with their current club to move somewhere else.”

“I’d do the same with Timo Werner if he were developing faster than the team at RB Leipzig.”

The main question mark is obviously where Werner would fit in at Manchester United as his arrival would likely unsettle one of the current starting XI stars.

The only other option is to change formations entirely to squeeze in the young German and that doesn’t seem to be too likely.

Wener is also too good a player to player back-up to Anthony Martial so it’s unlikely he’ll accept a contract that involves those conditions.

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