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Marcus Rashford Manchester United’s go-to man in big clashes

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United star Marcus Rashford has sparked debate this season with some fans pleased with him and some displeased.

Most of the confusion over his talent has had to do with the young Englishman’s performances as a striker.

Rashford failed to impress when he led the line in the absence of Anthony Martial and that led to doubts over his ability.

However, the academy product has since featured on the left-flank and his form has considerably improved,

Even for his country Rashford has excelled as a left-winger as he benefitted from Harry Kanes presence up front as he does with Martial for his club.

It’s good to see Rashford isn’t just notching up pointless goals or assists but getting both when it truly matters.

His partnership with Martial has also flourished this season which has helped stop the season from being a complete disaster.

There’s still the need to improve the depth in the squad in case either suffer from injury as the team will be in trouble.

Rashford may yet turn into a top striker but at the moment it’s quickly become clear he’s best as a left-winger, cutting inside, tearing apart his opposition full-back and netting goals.

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