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Manchester United fans react to Jose Mourinho’s press conference

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United fans have shown there’s no love loss with former manager Jose Mourinho after his latest press conference for Tottenham despite the way his tenure ended.

Supporters, at least match-attending supporters, never truly turned on the Portuguese tactician as many believed he wasn’t the real issue at the club.

However, when Mourinho did depart there was a general acceptance that he did have to go given how everything went.

The atmosphere at United became toxic as he clashed with players, the press and failed to deliver results on-field leaving many incredibly frustrated.

Mourinho was recently unveiled as the new Tottenham manager and he responded by claiming he’s gotten a lot of love from his former side and he himself has a lot of love for them too.



Manchester United will soon take on Tottenham so it will certainly make for an interesting clash as it’s likely they’ll be experiencing the ‘new manager’ bounce clubs tend to experience.

Mourinho won’t have much time to have instilled his philosophy by then but at least he’ll have a decent amount of training sessions under his belt.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer may feel the need to defeat his predecessor in order to prove he was the right successor but it’s important to be level-headed ahead of an already hotly contested clash.

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