From Spain: Paul Pogba refusing to play for Manchester United ahead of January exit

by Leo Nieboer

Paul Pogba is said to be refusing to play for Manchester United as he pushes for a move to Real Madrid in January, according to a report from Spain.

The midfielder stated over the summer that he wanted a “new challenge” following a mixed third season at Old Trafford.

Man United fans have barely seen the Frenchman in action this term due to a foot injury sustained in August that continues to keep him on the sidelines.

But according to Cope, Pogba is not injured at all and is instead refusing to play for United until January comes around.

This is a story based upon the sentiment and angry speculations of a decent amount of United fans on Twitter who, genuinely or not, seem to believe this angle more than the fact that Pogba is actually injured.

Such a notion is strange because, well, it flies in the face of actual evidence: stuff like video footage of Pogba’s cast getting removed a couple of weeks ago, along with the various physio that he has filmed himself doing.

The bottom line is that Pogba – beyond question – is not playing due to an injury. The Real Madrid question, you suspect, will arrive in the summer.

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