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Gary Neville believes Jose Mourinho fallout began with Anthony Martial

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United great Gary Neville has suggested Jose Mourinho‘s reign began to come to an end due to a fallout with the board over Anthony Martial.

The Portuguese tactician clashed with the talented Frenchman on a few occasions with fans even growing frustrated with how the best wasn’t being brought out of the player.

There were even reports Martial was going to be sold but the move was believed to be blocked by the United board.

Other than an outright sale, there was also talk of a potential swap with then Inter Milan star Ivan Perisic.

Martial was even arguably a better player under Louis van Gaal than Mourinho and so supporters felt he stagnated under the later.

According to Manchester Evening News, Neville said: “Martial, I think, Jose would have probably sold him or swapped him last season.

“I think the club dug their heels in, probably the start of their dispute of them between them in terms of overruling the manager.

“Myself, I’m confused as to whether he’s a world-class striker or whether he’s someone who is going to pretend to be something. You think he’s a fantastic player, great composure, cool, strong, can hold the ball up.

“And then other weeks you look at him… there’s definitely a persistence that needs to occur with Martial in the sense that he has to have his chance.

“Because the idea of selling him and then him coming back to bite you which he could do with his talent is something that you can’t risk.

“And that’s the reason why the club have kept him and now Ole is giving him his opportunity.”

The board’s decision was obviously a popular one and to this day some fans still don’t understand Mourinho’s wishes for Perisic.

Nonetheless, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer‘s arrival has seen Martial being given the chance to thrive as a forward and he has taken that opportunity by storm.

The only criticism that can be made of the former AS Monaco man is his seemingly growing knack for picking up little injuries, particularly whenever he appears to be gathering form.

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