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Fans back Jesse Lingard after he reveals the family problems affecting his performances

by Red Billy

Manchester United fans have taken to social media to show support for Jesse Lingard following a revealing interview about his family problems.

Lingard’s struggles have affected his on-field performances, he confessed in an interview with Sportsmail.

The 27-year-old has had to take over the parenting duties of his younger brother and sister Jasper and Daisy-Boo, aged 14 and 11 respectively, due to his mother, Kirsty, being unwell.

The siblings have moved in with Lingard, who also takes care of his own one-year-old daughter.

The situation had been going on for weeks when the player decided to come clean to manager Olé Gunnar Solskjaer about his problems after losing his place in the starting line-up and fearing for his future as a Manchester United player.

‘I wasn’t performing and he was on me all the time…So I felt it was best to get everything off my chest and tell him why my head wasn’t right. So I knocked on his door.’ he told Mail reporter Ian Ladyman.

Lingard’s grandfather Ken also has prostate cancer.

The player believes that opening up to Solskjaer was the turning point in his struggle to deal with his personal circumstances. ‘The manager said to me, “Just go on and play with a smile and enjoy it”…He has just told me that everything will be OK. Maybe I just needed someone to say that.’

It seems ironic that a player accused by many fans of being irresponsible and not taking life seriously enough has actually been suffering on the pitch because of having too many responsibilities off it. Most fans have responded sympathetically, but some have been skeptical.

The player seemed to have won his starting place in the team back from Andreas Pereira after some better recent performances, but a knock sustained against Manchester City has left him struggling for fitness for tomorrow’s game against Everton.

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