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Nicky Butt explains why Adnan Januzaj failed to become a superstar

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United great Nicky Butt has revealed who he feels was the biggest disappointment in terms of failing to become a superstar, pointing to Adnan Januzaj.

The academy product burst onto the scene during David Moyes’ ill-fated reign, being the one bright spot in an otherwise dreadful campaign.

Januzaj’s performances arguably kept the Scotsman in the Old Trafford hot-seat longer than it should’ve been as he singlehandedly carried the team.

However, an unstable team and a change in manager saw the Belgian’s career take a turn for the worse and Butt feels there was so much more that could’ve been.

Even fans felt Januzaj was the next big thing to come out of the academy but he seemed to burnout with all the excessive minutes and responsibilities and never recovered since.

According to ESPN, Butt said: “For me, the biggest disappointment at this club was Adnan Januzaj.

“I don’t think I’ve seen a player, probably since Ryan [Giggs], who was as good as that. He was unbelievable. In my eyes he should have gone on to be a world superstar.

“He’s still playing professional football [at Real Sociedad in Spain] and he will have a good career. I’m sure he’s a millionaire and he won’t be going to bed worrying about what bills he’s got to pay, but he should have been a superstar.

“Talent gets you through the gate here but what will keep you here is character and commitment.”

It could be argued Januzaj is exactly what Manchester United are missing at the moment- a devastating, creative attacking-midfielder who doesn’t lack pace and can play in Ole Gunnar Solskjaer‘s direct style.

Unfortunately a move is unlikely to ever transpire and instead the legendary Norwegian may look within or elsewhere to find the players he needs.

Fans will at least take heart from the fact Januzaj rebuilt his career since leaving United and seems to be enjoying his football once more.

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