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Manchester United not creating enough in shocking stat

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United fans are well aware of their side’s inability to create clear-cut chances but it’s unlikely anyone knew just how bad they are.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has a clear issue that needs to be dealt with otherwise he will be out of a job before the season is over.

The need for a creative midfielder has been obvious, particularly with Paul Pogba‘s absence but given how poor this statistic is, it’s unlikely that will solve all of United’s issues.

The stat seems to suggest the creative problem runs deeper than just one spark or one player as it would make more sense if it was a coaching problem.

Perhaps the Red Devils’ aren’t being coached well enough in terms of attacking patterns or the players just aren’t carrying out what they’re instructed to.

Relegation form creativity will likely catch up to Manchester United who are currently not far off from a top four spot.

The question has to be why are they so poor at creating chances with the players at their disposal?

Obviously United need more quality in their squad but there’s absolutely no chance they’re worse off than Norwich or Bournemouth and so it has to be a coaching problem or the players’ failing to follow instructions.

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