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Paul Pogba made odd decisions during long injury layoff

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United star Paul Pogba will have risked upsetting fans further if this latest report from the Athletic is true.

The talented Frenchman has missed much of the season through injury, having been absent from 20 of the club’s 26 matches played so far.

Pogba’s absence has been felt, particularly in matches where United needed creativity to break down deep, defensive opponents.

Rumours and conspiracies surfaced that the academy product was purposefully missing matches in order to force through a transfer, even going as far as claiming he was never even injured.

Such reports have calmed down since but Pogba’s return has consistently taken longer than expected so far.

If Pogba is given the benefit of the doubt, it could be argued there’s no real rush since the last time he was rushed back from injury it only extended his current absence.

After all, the former Juventus man was playing through the pain barrier earlier on in the season and it only made matters worse.

It also begs the question, if Pogba wants to leave Manchester United so desperately, why did he force himself to play while injured?

Either way, the January transfer window is right around the corner and unfortunately the rumours won’t stop until that month is over.

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