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Manchester United horribly poor in creating clear goalscoring opportunities

by Marwan Harraz

Any Manchester United fan could easily say what Ole Gunnar Solskjaer‘s main problem is and that is a lack of creativity in the team.

Such has been the issue that huge calls have been made for the legendary Norwegian to sign a playmaking attacking-midfielder in the hopes that he will gel everything together.

United haven’t necessarily struggled to get into teams’ final third but the problem is once they’re there, they fail to play the killer pass that’s needed to lead to a goal.

It’s more or less why Solskjaer has been labelled as a counter-attacking coach as his players fail to do anything else well enough.

However, as obvious as the problem has been, it could be argued that supporters aren’t actually aware of just how bad it is with the following statistic helping shed light on that.

74th out of 98 teams is nowhere good enough for Manchester United and the biggest problem about it all is that their squad isn’t bad enough to be that low.

Yes there are obvious weaknesses and some areas that need a little investing in but the quality is there to do better than the current statistic shows.

If anything, the above statistic backs those who argue that Solskjaer’s coaching has been poor and that he’s failed to create a real attacking plan to help break teams down.

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