Victor Lindelof first in defensive stats despite Manchester United woes

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United star Victor Lindelof has ranked first of the Premier League in a shocking statistic despite his team’s inability to keep clean-sheets.

David de Gea has kept just four clean-sheets in 22 league fixtures and much of that has had to do with a leaky defence.

United haven’t necessarily looked defensively shaky but have conceded either stunning opposition efforts or made silly errors that has seen them ship goals.

Shape-wise and the way the defence operates there’s been no obvious weaknesses and yet they concede soft goals that could’ve been avoided.

Nonetheless, Lindelof finds himself the top of the league in this upcoming statistic which should blow fans away.

It’s likely if one was to look at Lindelof’s aerial duels won it wouldn’t look as pretty as the aforementioned statistic but he does deserve praise nonetheless.

The talented Swede started the season a little poor but has been quietly and slowly regaining his form.

It could be argued he’s been let down by his teammate Harry Maguire who fans haven’t seen the best out of despite his huge transfer fee.

Either way, if Lindelof keeps it up then there’s hope yet that United could permanently solve their defensive woes.

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