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Manchester United cancel trip to Qatar amid security fears

by Red Billy

Manchester United have cancelled their plans to visit Qatar during the winter break due to concerns over security.

Manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer had organised a training camp in Doha during the 16-day gap in fixtures during February.

However, due to mounting political tensions in the region, it has been decided to cancel the trip and move the training camp closer to home – probably in southern Europe.

‘If there is one thing that worries me it’s not on the football pitch, there are other things that will worry me more than football’ Solskjaer said at the Wolves pre-match press conference. ‘We were looking at Middle East but that is definitely not going to happen’.

It is imperative that the Red Devils have a successful and uneventful winter break after playing through the busy Christmas and January periods with a skeleton squad. Players such as Harry Maguire, Marcus Rashford and Dan James have each played 28, 27 and 23 games already this season and there are concerns over player burnout as the season progresses.

‘This mid-season break will be very important for everyone’ Solskjaer acknowledged.

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