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Manchester United fans determined to show owners their anger

by Marwan Harraz

If there was ever the perfect match to show, unanimously, that the fans are against the Glazers then it was the 2-0 loss to Burnley at Old Trafford.

No excuses could be made for Manchester United’s weak showing and frankly, time is running out so it’s now reached the point when performances don’t matter and only results do.

Unfortunately, the supporters are getting neither and it’s hard to justify Ole Gunnar Solskjaer keeping the job despite fans making it a point to chant his name.

United had chances to make the match their own with both Anthony Martial and Juan Mata missing opportunities but after that it was a rather meek performance.

The players should’ve hit back hard after conceding but instead it never really felt as though they’d score, let alone win.

Fans also walked out early from the match with many seemingly convinced the Red Devils could never turn things around despite their historic tendency to secure comeback wins.

Solskjaer has been consistently optimistic but it’s tough to imagine he will be able to defend this performance.

Supporters probably want him to speak in a similar way as he did after the heavy loss to Everton last season when he claimed many of the players won’t see success with him at Old Trafford.

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