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Manchester United fans excited by potential Bruno Fernandes signing

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United fans failed to compose themselves as news of Bruno Fernandes‘ potential sale grew even louder.

The stunning Portuguese talent is believed to be within 48 hours of a medical according to some reports and prominent journalistic figures have begun stating his transfer is imminent.

Fernandes’ move isn’t official yet but it’s certainly closer to happening now more than ever before with seemingly just the paperwork left to complete.

Sporting Lisbon’s star is a much-needed addition to Ole Gunnar Solskjaer‘s thin squad and the hope is he can inspire United to a top-four finish despite an inconsistent season.

As satisfying as it would be to wrap up Fernandes’ transfer, it’s likely it won’t make fans content as there is a general agreement at least one more signing is needed this January.




It’s certainly baffling why Manchester United stalled on giving Sporting what they wanted only to cave towards the end of the transfer window when Fernandes was needed in earlier fixtures.

It would’ve made more sense to either pay up earlier or move on to an alternative target but instead, the club did neither.

Nonetheless, United fans will be hoping Fernandes can adapt quickly as his obvious quality is desperately needed immediately.

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