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Manchester United fans react to news of attack on Ed Woodward

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United fans have reacted angrily to news surfacing over an attack on executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward’s house as tensions continue to boil over.

Supporters have become increasingly frustrated with their board’s behaviour and actions with it clearly showing in the form of chants directed towards them in recent matches.

The chants have become rather controversial since they call for their deaths though some insist it’s simply a chant and just a way of venting frustrations.

However, news emerged over a group of United fans who allegedly attacked Woodward’s house and luckily he and his family weren’t home.

The club have responded strongly by insisting anyone caught will be given life bans and be reported to the police.



Despite the above supporters clearly in agreement over the disgusting nature of the attack, there are some who still feel it is warranted.

It seems bizarre to suggest anyone deserves to be physically attacked over doing a job poorly but some are still ok with what happened.

It’s like if one were to be bad at being a cashier and the general public being ok with people beating up the cashier simply over his or her performance.

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