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Gary Neville hints Manchester United players were fatigued

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United legend Gary Neville has suggested the players should use the winter break to rest and recuperate from an intense season as it’s taken a toll on them mentally and physically.

Fans have been saying for weeks now that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer‘s men have appeared to exhaust themselves and that was the cause for their poor form.

It certainly begs the question of why United aren’t in physically great shape and whether that’s down to the players or the coaching staff.

Solskjaer suggested the players need to slowly build the endurance needed to play his tactics and that has resulted in injuries piling up.

The question could also be asked whether the legendary Norwegian has rotated or rested his players enough during the busy winter period.

According to the Express, Neville said: “I think they should just regroup to start with, it’s been a tough time for Manchester United.

“Ultimately just giving a rest to the players and just letting them get away from the club and then bringing them back and setting them up for that Chelsea game.

“It’s a pivotal game in the season, if Manchester United win that game they’re in business.

“If they lose that game they’re in trouble in terms of getting into the top four.

“Then they can maybe start to focus on the Europa League as being the only realistic chance of getting into the Champions League.

“I think it’s a really big couple of weeks for Manchester United, not even just for the players but for the coaching staff.

“They’ve taken a real battering with the whole club after the last couple of months so it’s been difficult.

“They’ve been inconsistent the team and with that comes a lot of pressure.

“I sense that the first week will be a lot of rest then the second week will be recuperation for that Chelsea game.”

Jose Mourinho and Louis van Gaal also fell under the same traps as they often didn’t rotate because the lack of quality in the squad was wondering.

It’s a risk of fielding a weaker team in order to rest players but potentially get battered by the opposition or play the stronger, more tired side in the hopes they can secure a win nonetheless.

Either way, hopefully the United players recover physically and build up a winning run as it’s needed if they hope to secure Champions League football for next season.

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