Dimitar Berbatov questions Paul Pogba and Bruno Fernandes partnership

by Marwan Harraz

Former Manchester United star Dimitar Berbatov has raised concerns over Paul Pogba and Bruno Fernandes‘ futures together.

Fans have been excited to see the pair in a starting XI together with many offering their preferred formations to make it work.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has also stated he would like his best players playing together, suggesting he has a plan for the creative duo.

However, given the current situation in the world and how the already suspended league could be canceled altogether, supporters may not get their wish.

Especially if Pogba ends up leaving this summer as many reports seem to suggest despite Solskjaer’s denial of the possibility.

According to Betfair, Berbatov said: “As a fan of Paul Pogba, I want him to stay at United, I think it would be best for him, but I am curious to see how he will link up with Fernandes.

“They’re similar players, both intelligent enough to think three steps ahead when they’re on the ball. Sometimes footballers are too similar to play together.

“But I hope that’s not the case here because, with Fernandes and Pogba in the same midfield, United could be a very imaginative team that would surprise opponents next season or even sooner.”

This can happen on occasion but it’s difficult to imagine happening with Bruno and Pogba as they’re both pretty complete midfielders.

Both have played in deeper roles and more advanced roles and have shown their ability in defending and attacking.

Of course, everyone feels they’re better used in a more offensive manner but their overall quality should mean they’re capable of playing together.

It’s likely Bruno will keep his position as a more attacking midfielder while Pogba will play in that left central midfielder role he so enjoyed in the past with Fred, Scott McTominay or Nemanja Matic tasked with the holding role.

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