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Manchester United eye up surprise Harry Kane transfer

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United reportedly took the first step towards signing Harry Kane, a man they’ve long been interested in even before Ole Gunnar Solskjaer‘s arrival.

The talented Englishman would definitely add firepower to the legendary Norwegian’s ranks but there are question marks over where he would fit in.

Anthony Martial is already United’s undisputed striker and would likely have to give way for Kane should a transfer happen.

There are also question marks over the Tottenham forward’s fitness as he has consistently suffered with injuries throughout his career.

The last matter to consider is how it’s incredibly unlikely Jose Mourinho will sell Kane to his former club; that is if he’s still at Spurs in the summer.

There’s no harm in the Red Devils taking their chances to see how realistic it is to make a deal happen but there is harm in going against Solskjaer.

That is only if Manchester United ignored his wish-list and not if he decided to test his luck in bringing Kane to Old Trafford.

It may be a transfer too tempting to ignore, even with all the other aforementioned factors and so it’s comparable to the Robin van Persie deal that many initially criticised.

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