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Juventus hatch plan to seal Paul Pogba transfer using Aaron Ramsey

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United fans may be in for a shock after reports emerged of Juventus’ latest plan to pry Paul Pogba away from Old Trafford.

The Italian giants are believed to be open to using Aaron Ramsey in any sort of negotiations which could mean a return to the Premier League for the player.

The former Arsenal man signed for free to join the Serie A club after seeing out his contract in England.

There are conflicting reports over Pogba’s future but some have claimed he’s seeking a move away and Juventus is the destination.

It’s safe to say most supporters wouldn’t be open to a swap deal between the two players and so it may not go down well if true.

Ramsey’s talent is rather obvious but his injury problems are a concern and make any type of player swap a huge gamble.

The Welsh midfielder is also not as good as Pogba and there are obvious questions over whether he’d be willing to play for one of Arsenal’s rivals.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer‘s interest in Ramsey is a little surprising given how most of the other targets mentioned in the press were far different.

The priority is understood to be a right-winger and a striker but perhaps the legendary Norwegian wants to capitalise on an opportunity.

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